AUTOMAT POS (Point of Sale) solutions edition provides the best features as per the industry standards and at the same time gives the flexibility to better configure to your business needs.

“Automat POS is one of its kind Point of Sale focused to address SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) retail chains. ”

Quick highlights of the solution is as below.

Key Features

  • Retail POS
  • Inventory
  • Promotional Schemes
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Gift Card
  • Financial Accounting
  • Price Manage
  • Comprehensive Reports

Key Benefits

  • Platform Independent
  • Works with Touch Screen
  • Reduce Pricing Errors
  • Reduce Shrinkage and Pilferage
  • Control Theft and Malfunctions
  • Seamlessly Integrated
  • Push slow moving items by gaining visibility
  • Enhances employees performance



  • Designed for the fast paced retail environment
  • Comprehensive Settings and Preferences to Customize Sale bill
  • Begin and End Day with Scheduler
  • Multiple Shifts
  • Comprehensive Price Manager
  • Payout to manage petty expenses on the counter
  • Bill wise (or) Product wise discounts
  • Multiple Templates, supports both Touch and Non-Touch devices
  • Multiple Price Levels – maintain up to six
  • Multiple bill types Cash, Card and Credit
  • On the fly Sale Return, Exchange or Total Refund
  • Sale rate Including (or) Excluding Tax
  • Add new customer on the fly
  • Flexible bill numbering both Auto and Manual for each bill types
  • Separate bill series for Cash, Card and Credit
  • Suspend a Sale and Resume on any till
  • Multiple modes of Payment
  • Fast and intuitive search by Product Code, Name, Barcode and Rate
  • Customize Product Search and Entry
  • Option to view products only having Stock
  • Salesman for each product or whole bill
  • Customize Receipt Printing
  • Custom logos on Receipt headers and footers
  • Cash drawer management


  • Five types of in built Promotional Schemes
  • Powerful Customer Loyalty
  • Option to maintain separate module for Retail Customers
  • Discounts by percentage or dollar amount
  • Supports both Text and Graphical mode printing
  • Gift Card
  • Gift Card can be used like cash
  • Card balance is maintained
  • Option for Cancel and Insert new Bill on editing


  • Inventory Products are arranged as Department, Category, Group, Product and Brand
  • Multiple Inventory types
  • Multiple Stock level for a product – Max, Min, Reorder and Order qty
  • Unlimited number of products
  • User-configurable Tax Rates for each Product
  • Stock Adjustment through Inventory Adjustment Voucher
  • Inventory Settings to cater the flow of goods
  • Store and view product images
  • Define Rack and Shelf for each product
  • BOM (Bill of Material)
  • Serial Inventory, products can store warranty information, which helps in maintaining returns and repairs
  • Informs, when warranty has expired


  • Material Transfer Note for inter-warehouse stock transfers
  • Multiple Barcode for each Product
  • Multiple UOM (Unit of Measurement) Support
  • Seamlessly manage multiple warehouses
  • Support for commodities (buying in bulk and selling in loose)


  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Vouchers for Receipt and Payment, Contra and Journal
  • Fully integrated with billing and inventory
  • Control Credit limit
  • Print monthly statements
  • Reduce Accounting Work
  • User definable Account codes
  • Comprehensive Opening Balance Entry
  • Customer and Vendor history lookup
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Check Book Register
  • Post Dated Check Received & Issued


  • TDS
  • Powerful knockoff tool to adjust Customer and Vendor bills and payments
  • Prepare accurate financial statements
  • Budget Setting
  • Prepare VAT returns

Security & Utility

  • Comprehensive User Privileges
  • User Privileges allows the administrator to create with various access rights
  • Only authorized user can access
  • Create your own User Privileges, that can be applied to User Four levels of security, controlling Add, Edit, Delete and Cancel any Masters and Vouchers
  • Control View, Print and Export any Reports
  • Control access to Menu Items in File & Tools Menu
  • Custom Product Filter
  • Print Barcode labels
  • Create custom reminders
  • Reminder Settings
  • Automatic Upgrades
  • Check Book Register
  • PDC Received Register
  • PDC Issued Register
  • Reminder for Check Deposit
  • Reminder for Check Payment
  • Option to view Passed, Bounced and Pending Checks


  • SMS notifications
  • Bulk Email
  • Create your own vouchers
  • Automatic Backup Scheduler


  • Two types of Reports, Simple and Advanced
  • Period – Today, As on Date, Between Dates and For Date
  • Each Advanced Report can be Completely user selectable, Filterable
  • Advanced Report can be viewed as Concise / Summary / Detailed and Consolidated
  • Extensive Drill down
  • Flexible column hide, width, position and alignment adjustment
  • Option to subtotal reports by Department, Category, Group, Brand etc
  • Select print orientation
  • Reports can be output to Screen, Printer, PDF and Excel
  • Option to print Time, Date, Title etc.
  • Screen Column width can be changed dynamically
  • Dynamic Print column width, style change utility
  • All reports can be printed both Text and Graphics Mode
  • Option to save report settings
  • Design your own reports, the way you want


  • Report Template for creating your own Customized Data Views which can be saved
  • Report Template enables user-definable columns, sort-orders, groupings, Filters and more
  • Create customizable reports and save as templates for future use

POS - Technology

Technology: JAVA

Supports: Barcode scanners, POS Thermal and Dot matrix printers, Laser Printers, Weighing Scale, Barcode Printers

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