Automated Vehicle Entry

Automated Car Entry for your Home, Apartment, Gated Community,Offices / Commercial Segments.

“Automated Car Entry gives you the flexibility of entry to your premises without being pulling the rolling shutter or sliding gate. It’s the most needed convenience for you. “

Midrange Access Card, Long Range UHF Tags

Allowing the authorized vehicles inside the parking lot gives various benefits to the Residential Apartments  / Corporate segments and few highlights is as below.

  • As the person entering the commercial space is an authorized person and his/her details are recorded for future analytics.
  • Unknown persons or visitors is being stopped without manual intervention.
  • Visitors can use the parking area by permission only (through the visitor card controlled by security)
  • The solution can be operated manually without access card in case of need (provision shall be given to security or authorized personals only).
  • The Solution is inclusive of web analytics of the Vehicle movements for further analysis and information. The data from the Reader shall be pushed to the server through the internet. The server shall have email ids of the respective supervisors and it shall alert through email:
    • If the data is not uploaded within 24 hours from the last upload.
    • The solution shall email the respective email ids the required report.
    • The same browser version can be viewed on Smart Phones browser.
    • Graphical reports of the solution can be viewed.

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